A Healer Working in The NHS! Wendy’s Story.

Hello everyone,

My name is Wendy and I’m here to tell you about how I went from being a cynical non-believer, to an accredited healer working in the NHS. I hope you enjoy my story and most of all, I hope some of you feel inspired by it.

My Story.

Thirty six years ago my dearest friend Elaine lost her husband while he was carrying out his duties as a fireman. Rescuing a cat from a tree, would appear to be one of the easiest and straight forward tasks expected from a fireman, so it’s hard to imagine how it can result in him losing his life.

At this sad time, Elaine and I were both young mums – I just had my second child. We didn’t live close by, but we always kept in touch with each other. I didn’t drive at the time and with no internet or mobile phones in those days, the landline was our main form of communication. We exchanged many phone calls!

Doris Stokes

One day Elaine called me to say she had been watching a live day time TV show, and was fascinated by a lady on the show called Doris Stokes. Doris was giving messages to members of the audience from their loved ones who had passed away. Even though Elaine was very much intrigued by this lady, she watched and listened with a cynical view.

As Doris continued to captivate her audience, Elaine called out sceptically, “Come on then. If this is true, where are you? If this is real, talk to me.” Then at this point Doris said, “I’ve got a man here and his name is Roy. He’s in full fireman’s uniform.” No-one in the audience took the message. Elaine went to the local book shop and bought Doris’s book.

She’s telling me all this over the phone and I’m thinking that she’s lost her mind or has just had a tipple or two. Elaine called me again a couple of days later to tell me that Doris was to appear at our local theatre. She bought two tickets and asked me if I‘d go along with her. I told my husband that I have never heard of such a thing and that I didn’t know whether to go or not. He said to me, “She’s your friend – go with her.”

Mixed Feelings

That day arrived and off we went, with neither of us knowing what to expect. I do remember feeling nervous. We arrived at the considerably large theatre and we were amazed to see that there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. I can remember seeing some people that I knew. House lights went up and Doris appeared onto the stage to a rapturous applause.

Doris gave profound messages to members of the audience and it was in that moment that I realised how real this was. It was mind blowing! Although Elaine or I didn’t receive a message, looking back I realise that this was the beginning of a magical journey for us.

The second half of the evening was somewhat different. People queued to take turns at sitting in a chair that was placed beside Doris on the stage. Each one sat for a moment and when they got up, the audience clapped. I asked Elaine what was happening and she said, “They are having healing”. To which I replied, “Oh please! She’s boring me now”. That was a step too far for me.

That was my mind-set for many years. I totally believed that there was a spirit world and we moved on. But I just couldn’t accept the healing thing.

I hang my head in shame over that now!

Hands of a healer.

My Lowest Point

Some time passed and I had developed a series of tumours – four to be exact. Lucky for me they weren’t malignant but they still had to be removed and biopsies carried out. The last two were in the space of three months and during those three months my dear dad passed to spirit.

I’d hit an all-time low. We had our own business and I had to keep working regardless of what I was going through. I felt like I was dragging an invisible me behind me; not realising at the time that I had become detached from myself.

At work during this time, a lady came into our shop to book a service call. When she said her name, I realised she’d been a customer of ours for years but we had never actually met. She told me that she had intended to call us when she got home but instead she decided to pop in on passing and make her booking in person. This lady’s number consisted of 3’s and 5’s. When I’m highly stressed – as I was at that time – I can’t write either of those numbers. She had to keep repeating her number to me. I explained that I just wasn’t myself. She then took a card out of her bag and handing it to me she said, “You need healing my girl.” “I need something,” was my reply. “Call me,” she said as she left.

My Healing Experience

When I got home that evening I did call her and I went to her for my first healing session. It was a strange experience but a pleasant one. I continued to see this lady until in the end, I didn’t just feel better – I felt more whole and complete. More than I’d ever felt in all my life!

This created a desire within me to understand how healing works. I read many books; Harry Edwards, Angie Buxton King, Doris stokes, Gordon Smith and Betty Shine. I had developed a real interest and I wanted to know more. I then took myself off to the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London. There I did a four-week course – “Can I be a healer?” It was another life changing moment. It encouraged me to continue to learn about healing. From there, I signed up for a two-year healing course at CPS.

The book that had the biggest impact on me was ‘The NHS Healer’ by Angie Buxton-King.
Angie took healing into the NHS and I made my mind up I would do the very same. It was my intention all the way through my course that once I’d become accredited, I would go and work in the NHS as a healer. I would highly recommend this book to anybody who is even the slightest bit interested in working as a healer in the NHS.

Volunteer Work

After my dad passed away, I started to do voluntary work. By this time, I was working one day a week in a children’s hospice. Whilst I was there, I made friends with the staff and some of them were my case studies as part of my training to become a healer. Once a year the hospice would have a bereavement weekend, and when they asked me to be a healer for a day, I was blown away! This was such a privilege for me. The day went well and I was very busy with young mums who had all lost a child.

Even though the day had been a success, the hospice wasn’t ready for spiritual healing on a regular basis. But now that I knew people would benefit from healing, I moved on to a different hospice in the hope I would eventually be able to offer my services as a healer. After 18 months of working on the wards I got brave and asked if it would be possible for me to work on a voluntary basis as a healer. It didn’t go down very well and unfortunately the answer was no.

But I proved Myself

I was by now an accredited healer and being very keen to work in the NHS, I went to the University College Hospital in London. This is where Angie Buxton-King had got the ball rolling. I was offered a position in the hospital, but not as a healer. For the next 6 months, I had to prove myself – which I did! I worked very hard running around the busy wards at UCH and I loved it! I went into the office one day to find out where I was going to be placed for the afternoon, and it was then that I was given my Complimentary Therapist Tee-shirt. I was so excited!

The dynamics of being a volunteer changed dramatically at that point. I had to cold call to beds and explain to the patients the concept of healing. Then they decided whether it was something they would like to try or not. It was scary at first, because not everybody was open to the idea. But I always remembered back to the days when my own attitude towards healing was a negative one, so I understood and accepted the views of others. I got used to it and my confidence only grew.

All of this experience eventually led to me working in UCH Macmillan. I was paid to do this and I had my own room with my name on the door. It truly was a dream come true. After four years of paid and unpaid work, I left London. My husband had also retired and I wanted to be nearer home.

The Christmas that I left UCH Macmillan, I received an email from the hospice I’d worked in previous to UCH in London. It read, “That thing that you do… do you still do it?”. I returned to the hospice and stayed there for two years working as a healer. I had my own room and when I didn’t have clients booked in, I’d give healing to the patients on the wards. Again, this was such a privilege!

Take Each Day as it Comes

I haven’t done any voluntary work for the past 18 months. My husband is unwell with bowel and liver cancer. We take each day as it comes. If I didn’t have my healing training, I wouldn’t cope half as well as I do. I am still running my practice at home where I have a beautiful healing room and I see two or three people a week.

My friend Elaine and I still keep in touch and she became one of the best mediums I’ve ever met. She is hoping to one day put pen to paper and write her book. It is my intention to do the very same thing – some day!

I have shared my own personal story in the hope that someone is inspired to go into the NHS and offer their services as a healer. It is so needed!

God bless you for reading and thank you!

Best wishes, Wendy.

Thank you so much Wendy for telling your beautiful and inspiring story. You showed great commitment and perseverance down through the years in order to help those in need of healing. It is people like you who are a great example of the importance of the work provided by complimentary therapists and spiritual healers.

If you have a story to tell please do get in touch!

Healing Hands Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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