Aromatherapy and Transition

From the day we are born, until the day we die, we go through transition and change. At a young age we learn to deal with personal changes on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Change is often necessary for our growth and development, but when it comes in the form of tragedy or trauma, it’s not as easy to make the transition.

Autumn is often known as the season of transition but change can come upon us at any time of the year. Winter, like any other season, can bring with it many changes and because it is viewed by some of us as the most miserable time of the year, it can be harder to cope with the curve balls that come our way.

The changing of the seasons is a good time to reflect on whether we are resisting a shift in our lives. Aromatherapy used in conjunction with other self-care practices can help us to adapt and move forward.

Burning or diffusing the following blends will bring you feelings of warmth, comfort and joy and help you move from one season into the next. They will also benefit your health and some will help to prepare your immune system for the cold winter months ahead.

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