A heart of Rainbow

Tears Make a Rainbow.

Your Rainbow.

When you’re blue and full of grey

A bit of colour can change your day.


Behind those tears you’re trying to hide

A rainbow is glowing and bursting with pride.


Your tears will heal and make you strong,

So look for that rainbow to help you along.


It smiles and it sings deep in your soul

It’s magical colours dance and cajole.


There’s a rainbow inside you

It’s not hard to find,

Just close your eyes and focus your mind. 

A heart of Rainbow

What do you think of Robin’s Mental Health?

I can’t help wonder about Robin’s mental health! She’s very active on a particular social media platform. She’s not one of those people who use social media to make life appear wonderful (when in reality it’s not). No photo-shopped selfies that make her look like a plastic version of herself. No happy family photos of days out, girlie nights in, her delicious gourmet dinner, or no location check-ins! Continue reading “What do you think of Robin’s Mental Health?”