Loathing – My Friday Feeling

Owning a puppy is quite like having a child. They need feeding and watering and lots of love and affection. I’m not an animal expert at all, but common sense—and my puppy—tells me she needs playtime and exercise too. 

Cotton is only six months old and already she knows by routine when it’s meal times, back garden time, playtime and her favourite time of the day, walkies! Whether I’m in the mood or not she won’t leave me alone until she gets her harness and coat on, so it’s good for me too. Little Miss Nine also likes it; she brings her basketball so she can practice bouncing along the way.

So, you know when your baby poos in her nappy…and you change that nappy…and put on a nice clean fresh one! Thankfully that’s one thing we don’t need to put on our puppies. But what we do need to do is scoop up their poop. Not just when they’re babies, but forever! A puppy is for life and so is scooping up their poo peeps, whether you like it or not. I never leave for our walk now without my little black poop bags. 

So you can imagine my disgust when my child’s basketball bounced into somebody else’s dog’s poo. It ended up on her hands and her jacket. Revolting! I was so angry at the owner of that dog. It’s irresponsible and it’s disrespectable for other walkers. Years ago I got some on my pram wheels. I know a man who pulled his cabin bag through dog poo on his way to the train station. 

How hard is it? Why can’t dog owners just do it? Is it laziness, fear, or ignorance? It’s actually not that difficult. Watch this short tutorial on how to cleanly pick up your dog poo. 

No more excuses people. Scoop up your dog’s poop!



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