Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson

I bought this fantastic little book ten months ago. Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson. Before we got to use it properly, it went missing. I blamed a certain someone for accidentally dumping it. (Sorry)

I don’t need to remind anyone about Covid-19 and lockdown. Testing times for most people! My Little Miss Nine coped very well I have to say. She’s used to entertaining herself, and she reads and writes a lot. She loved home schooling and we were doing quite well, until I got sick. (That’s another story)

Our routine went out the window. She started to miss her friends terribly. We couldn’t visit her young adult siblings because they live a couple of hours away. I could tell she was getting bored, and even though she has her daddy and me, she was beginning to feel a bit lonely. Children need other children, just like adults need other adults.

What showed up? Her meditation book. It was like it had just arrived in the post – the excitement! Although it wasn’t a substitute for her friends, it gave us some motivation to refresh our routine, and reminded us of the affirmations we used to say on our way to school.

The book begins with a short and sweet introduction about the benefits of meditation and how simple it is to introduce it into your child’s life. And then a few pages to guide parents, guardians and teachers on how to get the most out of the book, and adapt the techniques to suit your child’s needs. They may get fully into the meditation part and breathing exercises, or they may simply enjoy listening to the stories.

The stories themselves are short and simple. They take you and your child on an enchanting little adventure. Shelley has a wonderful imagination and with her profound use of positive language and power words, you can be certain that you and your child will think happy and calming thoughts during and after reading this little gem of a book.

This book will not only benefit your child, it will also help you as the parent to chill out and relax, even if meditation and mindfulness is something you’ve never considered practicing. I highly recommend it. Get your copy on Amazon UK 

Shelley Wilson is an author and award-winning blogger, a meditation tutor, and qualified holistic health practitioner. Shelley’s non-fiction books combine lifestyle, motivation and self-help. She also writes YA novels that combine myth, legend and fairy tales. Find about more about Shelley and her books at

And for some self-help and motivation visit

8 thoughts on “Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson

    1. It’s good practice! I find I do better at mindfulness when I do yoga! My yoga poses are very basic though.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂


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