Don’t Blame the Hound.

Today’s post is for Grammy’s Grid. WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT LINKUP – ANIMAL 75 WORDS.

The tame stag runs, exhausted, falls down

Will he live or will he die?

One man may laugh, another will cry

Fox hunted, ravaged and savaged

Blood spills for human thrills

A frightened hare, thrown to his death

Trampled on, broken, as he takes his last breath

One goal, power and control

All for the sake of human delights

No concern for animal rights

Don’t blame the hound

Man is the animal on the ground

Image credit Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Don’t Blame the Hound.

  1. Oh goodness, so true – man is the animal! Another good one from you this time. isn’t it sad how people hunt for the thrill of it? Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #WednesdayWrtingPromptLinkup – Animal 75 Words, open March 18 to 24. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. My Unlimited Monthly Link Party 10 is open March 1 to 26 if you’d like to link up for more views and shares.

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  2. Wow, very powerful. Many years ago my late husband and late son had been interested in target shooting. My husband who never liked to hunt told our son that the only way hunting is okay is if you are doing it for food, in which you eat it all! It was shortly after that that my husband found my son and his friend eating some sort of crow-sized bird over a small campfire… That was the only time hunting ever got mentioned! Haha, way to learn. I absolutely loath the trophy hunters. I think it is disgusting and shame on them for standing next to a beautiful creature they killed for no reason!

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  3. I love this! And it is so true. One can only hope that more people come out of the other side of this crisis with more empathy for the ones they oppress.

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