Along The River. My Moment in Time!

It’s a crisp frosty morning and the sky is bright blue and almost flawless. The dazzling winter sun is radiating a gentle heat in a bid to thaw the frigid frost that illuminates the trees and hedges. It’s bitterly cold, yet it’s invigorating and since I’m wearing several layers of clothing, my bones are harboured from the icy chill. There is nowhere else I’d rather be right now.

I consider myself very lucky to live beside the splendid River Moy and today I feel grateful that I have the good health and energy to walk the bordering path. Today is a good day!

I meet a young woman speed walking with her head down, looking at the ground. She’s wearing headphones so when I say hello, she can’t hear me. She’s in a little world of her own and I don’t know what’s happening in her world, but I want to stop her and show her what she’s not seeing and what she’s not hearing.


I’d like her to pause for a moment and look around at the beauty of nature. Feel the sun on her face – really feel it – inhale the fresh cool air and listen to the chirping sounds coming from little birds hiding in the hedges. No doubt hiding from the nearby well-fed hooded crow, who is trying to drown out their sweet songs with his loud croaky squawking.

The young woman is out of sight now and I walk on some more. The angry grey crow joins his clan on the other side of the river where they all sit concertedly on a wooden fence. They look ever so pretentious in comparison to the seagulls gliding gracefully across the sky.

I’m being followed. I hear quiet rustlings in the hedge directly behind me but I don’t look – I keep walking. With the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a robin hopping from the hedge to the branch of a naked tree. I stop and slowly turn to look at him. I wonder if he’s hungry or if he just wants company. He whistles and I whistle back. He cocks his head to one side and whistles again. I walk on and he flies from bush to bush, staying close but keeping a safe distance.  He cheeps cheerfully, like a small child who has just discovered something new and exciting. Is he telling me about his moment in time? Crass grey crow returns and gentle robin disappears into the bramble.

The water is scattered with uneven ripples and it flows rapidly but peacefully in the direction of the sea. I’m standing on the river bank watching folding crests race each other towards the dam. The sun glistening on the tiny peaks of the waves has me hypnotised. Teasing me, with the illusion of curly tips of ice-cream cones. 


As I approach the dam, the water appears to flow faster and my step quickens. There’s a seat on the high bridge overlooking the dam, where I sit to rest for a while. The water is dark and mysterious. The formidable River Moy has claimed many lives over the years. It demands respect as it roars and pounds against the walls of the dam, brawny and merciless, impressive and captivating.

Everything around me is silenced by the crashing waters below and I am grateful for the sturdy barriers that protect me from the dark depths of the river. I’m oblivious to what is happening around me. This is my little world for now and I don’t need to be anywhere else at this moment in time.

My moment in time was inspired by Orla at Fancy Paper Blog! 

We should all take our moments and cherish them when we have the opportunity! 



30 thoughts on “Along The River. My Moment in Time!

    1. Thank you so much. I often closely observe my surroundings – see touch smell listen. But actually writing it down made me observe even closer than ever before. This may become my new journaling habit!
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting. 😊


  1. Just wonderful, I felt like I was walking along the river with you, it sounds so beautiful. Someone definitely shared part of your walk when the robin appeared. It is easy to forget to see what is right in front of us. This world is truly amazing and everyday…we can see/find something that makes our day 😉

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    1. Thanks Carol. Yes the robin was gorgeous. I didnt take a photo because I didnt want to spoil the moment or maybe scare him away! Nature always gives me a lift. Thanks for reading and commenting! 😊


    1. Orla, when I was reading your moment, it made me think of all the special moments we have that we don’t treasure. So thank you for prompting me to take my notebook with me on my walk. I was so glad I did! X

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    1. Thank you Shailaja for your lovely comment. I love moments like this. It’s good for the soul. It’s also nice to have company during a walk like this – when your walking buddy can appreciate nature too.


  2. Gloria, what a beautiful picture you have painted with your words. I felt like I was right there on a walk by the river with you. And, I wanted to stop that lady from walking with her head down too. Everyone should take a small part of their day, unplug, and get outside and enjoy the present. Enjoy the little things that nature has to offer. Enjoy the beauty that’s waiting for us to notice. Lovely post!

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    1. Thank you Erin. Yes, a lot of people don’t realise what they have on their doorstep, which is a shame. And walking in nature is one of the most relaxing things to do – and it’s free!

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  3. Gloria, this might be one of my all time favorite posts of yours. Beautifully written, serene and reflective–I felt like I was right there with you. I wonder if I’d been that woman in headphones, would I have wanted to be stopped? Once a Russian Babuschka pulled me aside in a museum in St Petersburg and gestured to a piano. “Mozart,” she said. And though I understood none of what else she told me in Russian, the fact that she’d interrupted my solitary ramble to point out something I’d most likely have missed–Mozart’s piano–has stayed with me as that excuisite moment of kindness I’ll never forget.
    Each moment is different and though that young woman passed you by, you took the rest of us along with you. Thank you.

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  4. Thank you so much Angela. On this occasion, I’m not sure this woman would have appreciated being stopped. But I may be wrong, who knows! I’ll never know. That was nice of the Russian Babuschka though. I’d be happy with that too!
    Well, I’m glad I shared my moment with you all. Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment Angela.


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