Reducing Your Stress Levels This Christmas!

Stress has a negative effect on the body including the immune system and Christmas is the most stressful time of year for some people. Although some stressful situations are unavoidable, others you can completely avoid. Save yourself as much stress as possible so that you can enjoy a healthy happy Christmas.

Money Money Money

Money makes the world go round and it also causes annoyance and stress for so many people. Why people need to borrow tons of money and get themselves into unnecessary debt is beyond me. I have never borrowed money for Chrismas in all my life. That’s not because I never had to worry about money. I’ll be 50 years old young at the end of December so that’s 49 Christmases I’ve survived. Yes….survived!

As a child, I didn’t need to worry about money for Christmas – my parents did that! But I don’t believe they worried themselves sick about it because it was different back then. Christmas lasted a few days not a whole month.

When I was a young working adult, all I needed was money to buy presents for my parents, one or two friends and enough to buy some nice clothes and a few nights out. I always had enough.

Then I started having children and we all know how that goes! But here’s the thing – all that concerned me was making sure the children had a happy Christmas. Sometimes I could afford nice clothes and nights out, but I also experienced the times when I barely had enough for a fancy dinner.

As the kids got older, the lists got longer and more expensive. That didn’t mean they got everything on the wish list. They got what their parents could afford and did they love us any less for it? No, of course they didn’t. Were they psychologically damaged because of it? No!

The meaning of receiving and giving presents has changed for so many. Down through the years, I’ve witnessed people turning their noses up at presents they’ve received. Wishlists have turned into ‘needs’ lists. I understand that children ask parents or Santa for particular things but that seems to be the norm now with everybody.

Part of the fun is guessing what someone might like – or it used to be anyway! It is no fun shopping for a present for someone that is so damned fussy and unappreciative. Oh….I forgot to mention the people who compare the prices.

One Christmas I witnessed a grown woman throwing a mini tantrum because she received a gift voucher! What?? Yes, Christmas has changed over the years.

This may make me sound like a bit of a ‘Bah Humbug’ but it’s quite the opposite. Because I no longer allow this present buying competitiveness to cause me unnecessary stress. Instead, I concentrate on looking after my health and making sure the people I care about are happy and well looked after. That doesn’t cost the earth.

Your Budget

Plan within your budget. Do not borrow money unless you are 100% certain that paying it back will cause you minimum stress. If you couldn’t afford to save a little each week during the run-up to Christmas then how will you manage to pay back a loan? Ask yourself; do I really need to borrow money or can I manage with what I have.

Okay, the amount of food that people buy into their homes at Christmas is beyond ridiculous. So much of it gets thrown out and most of it is absolute junk. If you’re still eating Christmas food in January it means you bought way too much. If you’re sick looking at turkey 3 days after Christmas, don’t buy such a big one this time.

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses – or even the Kardashians! If your neighbours have hundreds or thousands to splash out at Christmas, let them. It’s their business and if you’re afraid that you will be judged on how much you spend, then STOP!! Just please stop and ask yourself; what will happen if I don’t have as much as my neighbours? I’ll tell you what will happen. Nothing! You’ll probably sleep better and anyway, you don’t really know how well off your neighbours are. They might in so much debt that they are more stressed than you are.

Don’t be afraid to admit to people that some things are not within your budget. So what if they judge you. If someone in your life buys you and your children expensive presents, it is okay to explain that you are not in a position to do the same. You can ask them to buy less expensive presents. On the other hand, some people just enjoy spending their money on friends and family members and they don’t expect a lot in return. It’s okay to allow generous people to do that. It’s when they expect luxurious gifts in return, it can cause problems for the people who are just not as well off financially as they are. Remember, there are other ways of being generous.


Are you negative towards Christmas or bouncing around the place with joyful positivity? The way you think and feel about things plays a huge part in your experiences. The more positive thoughts you have about any event or situation, the more enjoyable it will be – and less stressful! Those who enjoy the festive season are the ones who are more positive about it. And don’t say under breath, ‘Well it’s alright for them they have.….’ What they have and don’t have has very little to do with it. They choose to like Christmas.

So, unless you are one of the unfortunate people that has a valid reason for not getting into the festive spirit, do try to create for yourself a more positive attitude towards it.

Not Always Joyful

I totally understand some people’s reasons for hating Christmas. It’s not a happy joyful season for everybody. Deaths occur around this time just like any other time of the year. This can leave years of unhappy memories for people and understandably dampens their spirit. With the right support from good friends and family, they can learn to enjoy Christmas again.

Terminally ill people don’t recover just because it’s Christmas. It can actually make it a very sad and lonely time for them and their families. Spare a thought for people in this situation and appreciate your good health and well-being.

Domestic abuse rises during this time of year. Money can become an issue, alcohol is plentiful and the slightest little imperfection can be an excuse for a full-blown row. I can’t offer advice to people in this situation. All I can say is please do get help and remove yourself if at all possible (and I think it is possible) from an abusive relationship. There is a lot of help available and don’t be embarrassed about getting it. I’m not just talking about women here – men also suffer from domestic abuse!


Let’s face it, we can choose our friends but we can’t choose our family. Christmas sometimes forces us to spend time with a family member who we wouldn’t normally spend time with. It’s all well and good saying that it’s a time for being close to our loved ones and a time for joy, happiness and forgiveness, but in reality that’s easier said than done in some cases.

It takes two people to make an effort and make things work. When there’s a member of the family who causes upset and uneasiness in the room, it’s enough to spoil the whole day for everyone. You’ve spent the last few weeks trying your best to prepare for a happy stress-free Christmas and then you have to spend the day walking on eggshells.

Is there a solution to this? Can this person spend Christmas in their own home or with someone else? If someone doesn’t respect you and your home, tell them to make other arrangements. And yes, it is that simple. Don’t be a martyr!

Worried about getting everything done? Like what? Buy the presents and the food. Spring is the season after winter so you can spring clean then. You don’t need to start painting and redecorating the whole house for Christmas. You can get away with just doing your usual housework routine. Mothers who work full-time outside the home do not need the added stress of spring cleaning in December.

Make a List

Not a list of presents you’d like to receive, but a list of all the things you are grateful for this Christmas. What have you got that puts a smile on your face every day? Make a list of all the things that you DON’T need and can do without.

I am grateful

I read a lovely blog post recently by Angela Noel. She has a long list of things she’d like for Christmas. Go have a little read. I promise you’ll like it!

Wishing you a very happy stress-free Christmas!


23 thoughts on “Reducing Your Stress Levels This Christmas!

    1. I think so Orla. You would be surprised with the things they write on their lists! We can learn from our kids sometimes when we just listen and watch! Thanks for your comment and I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!


  1. My own family now go for ‘stress free’ christmas. we use Amazon gift list (unromantic but practical!) and just try to chill on christmas day! It’s so much easier. Your thoughts are well considered – focussing on what you are grateful for is so much better!


  2. It is indeed a pressured time for families at the so called festive time. I love the idea that some families teach their children that their are less fortunate than themselves and donate money to a charity instead of presents. Though it has to be done at an early age for them to get used to it 🙂 Just me and the Squire this Christmas in Spain, oh and Fudge the dog.


    1. I always remember my parents telling us to be grateful because we were very lucky. But it was only when we grew up we realised that yes indeed we were very lucky. We weren’t financially well off but we had enough. We were rich in so many other ways and we have so many fantastic memories. Thanks Suzanne and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Spain. Hope Santa comes to Fudge!


  3. Strange seeing this today as it’s what I was telling someone today. There doesn’t need to be Christmas stress and we should carry these strategies throughout life. Welcome to the wise woman years, feels good doesn’t it. 🙂


    1. I just think life can be stressful enough for some people and Christmas should be peaceful and memorable – when possible. Oh….I’m loving the wise woman years!!


  4. I am a bit of a Grinch at Christmas. I guess I just hate the materialism and feeling the pressure to spend more than I have on THINGS for people who probably don;t even care. There’s an article going viral at the moment; it’s a letter from a woman who recently passed away at 27. She writes about how she’s wasting away, and gifts would be pointless as she wouldn’t be around to use them. Instead, her family wrote letters to each other and popped them under the tree. Imagine that… waking up on Christmas morning to read heartfelt letters from the people who love you. That is my absolute dream Christmas. If only my somewhat-materialistic extended family would go for it.
    Thanks for this post, I loved reading it and giving it some thought. It’s what I needed today (even though you wrote it weeks ago).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Amelia and I’m really glad that it meant something to you. I think it’s appropriate at any time of the year, to be honest. Yes, I read the letter written by the young woman who died. It’s so touching and thought-provoking.
      I actually wrote a letter last week to my aunt who has recently lost her husband. I can’t visit her and I’m awful at making phone calls. I said things to her in the letter that I’d never think of saying on the phone. I was interrupted several times while writing the letter but it didn’t matter because it was easy to pick up where I left off. I wrote from my heart and I hope that when she reads it, it will make her feel special (because she is a very special person) and bring her some comfort. She should be receiving it today.
      Maybe you could make a suggestion to your family next Christmas about what you’d like to offer each other as a gift. You never know, they may just like your idea – you won’t know until you try! Best of luck with everything Amelia.

      Liked by 1 person

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