Love Your Personality & Don’t Hide it Away.

Oh dear! My alter ego, Miss Personality herself, Tasheenga, is not happy that her blog hasn’t been entered into the V by Very Blog Awards. I think she feels a little bit left out! Her blog is still a fledgeling and maybe next year she’ll get the opportunity to shine. If she behaves!

She gets very annoyed at me when I instruct her to stay calm and quieten down. Sometimes she tries to help but quite often her input can hinder a situation rather than improve it.

Occasionally I allow her to help me to write my posts on We Are Holistic, but she’s safer over on her own little blog. She can rant and rave all she wants in her own little corner of the internet. Yes, I do value her input but I can’t let her think that she can completely take over. I need to balance all the different parts of myself. Ashamedly, I have to admit, I did try to keep her a secret but by following the advice of a very wise friend, I revealed the true identity of Tasheenga. 

Good Advice

I am truly grateful for this advice because I have been reminded of something very important. Reminded that we should be proud of each and every aspect of ourselves. All too often we hide behind a mask because of the need to impress others. We want to be liked by everyone. We don’t want to be judged or called silly and we constantly have a desire to ‘fit in’.


Losing part of our own identity can happen quite early on in life. At home, at school, college, first job, or during a relationship. We may not even realise it’s happening. A simple comment or a reaction from another person can be enough to make us feel inadequate or not good enough. A lot of the time it is their own fears that cause them to behave like this. They may be controlling or they may feel under threat. Perhaps they themselves have lost a part of their own identity somewhere along the way.

My personality. Not yours.

Personal Development

Personal development is a different way of making changes to ourselves. These are positive changes that we decide to make and are not forced upon us by someone else. Sometimes we just feel the need to improve ourselves for our own reasons. Reasons we don’t even need to explain. These improvements may be academic, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. This is about us developing our own personalities and wanting to be the best we can. And we don’t need permission from anyone else to do this.

Personal development can help us to realise our own potential. It can teach us to accept ourselves as we are and lose the futile need to be someone we are not aspired to be. It also shows us how to be wonderful at what we do and guide us towards achieving our dreams and desires.

Have you ever had a desire to embark on a new venture? What prevented you from making your dream become a reality? It’s all too easy to allow obstacles to get in the way of our hopes and ambitions. Read here for some motivation on removing some of those obstacles.

Let Your Personality Shine

If you feel like you have lost a part of your true personality, the good news is that you can reclaim it back, starting from today. Simply begin by doing what makes you happy! Not by always doing what makes everyone else happy. Think back to a time in your life when you really felt content with yourself. You may have had your own past-times or hobbies. 

If you like having fun, then have your fun. If you’re happier being alone reading books, then be alone reading books. Do whatever you need to do in order to feel happy. Laugh at the things you find funny or don’t laugh if it’s not funny. Learn how to balance all the differents parts of yourself. You can be serious when you need to be and hilarious when the occasion arises. Be sensitive to a sensitive situation and cry if you really need to cry.

Be Authentic

Remember you have a voice and an opinion so learn how to use them effectively. If others don’t share your opinion, that’s okay. If someone can’t accept you as you are, then let them be. Learn the difference between someone offering you genuine advice and someone trying to control you. You can follow the example of another person, but you don’t need to be that person. Be authentic and be yourself. Always remember, there are many people who love you just the way you are!

This is a post I read recently about happiness. It’s written by Steph, and I highly recommend that you pop over to her blog, Scale it Simple and have a read. You’ll find masses of positivity and happy vibes over there!


15 thoughts on “Love Your Personality & Don’t Hide it Away.

  1. It’s definitely most important to not lose yourself. Was one of thevmost important bits of advice my mum gave me before getting married! X


  2. I really needed to read this today! Especially the part about being authentic. I do struggle with this at times, in terms of being myself for fear of what others will think of me.I tend to censor myself sometimes in case I offend others, but deep down I know being true to myself is important. Thanks for reminding me of this!


    1. I’m really glad you got something from this. I think we all do it to a certain extent, because of fear. Of course we don’t like to offend people so it’s easy not to express an opinion sometimes.
      But the people you spend time with & who know you well should respect your opinions and allow you to be yourself. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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