The Whisperings of Nature. Book Review.

Tranquility in Poetry & Nature!

‘The Whisperings of Nature’ is an endearing little poetry book written by Caroline Cunningham. This is Caroline’s first published book of poetry and it represents her ‘stepping into the light’ with her written work.

The Whisperings of Nature
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Caroline writes beautifully and her poems in ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ are soothing and inspiring. Her words have the power to captivate and charm the soul.

Find a quiet space and allow ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ to stir your senses. Let Caroline’s poems take your mind and soul to places of beauty – the sea, the sky, the green grassy hills, rich blossoms and floating lillies. Sunsets, gazing moons, autumn colours and singing in the rain.

Connecting with Nature is a very effective way to reduce symptoms of stress, because it slows down the mind and helps the body to relax. Reading any form of poetry is also an instant way of inviting peace and tranquillity into your life. Caroline combines both in ‘The Whisperings of Nature’.

Choose any time of the day to let these poems inspire you to appreciate your natural surroundings.

Reading With Intention

  • Start your day with a positive mindset by reading a poem first thing in the morning. Even one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!
  • During a busy or stressful moment in your day, take out your poems and spend a moment in mindful poetry. Read the words slowly and meaningful. You should feel an instant sense of calm.
  • Read from ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ last thing at night – a wonderful calming way to spend your last few minutes before sleep. Relax, read, and lose yourself in the soothing verses of nature.

More about Caroline Cunningham

Caroline is a therapist at Authentic Reflexology, an avid story teller and a fantastic artist. She recently exhibited her fabulous collection of artwork, ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’, in Carlow Library. You can connect with Caroline on Authentic Path Inspiration Facebook page and on Twitter @artofsinging

Purchase ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ HERE.

Nature on the pages of a book



8 thoughts on “The Whisperings of Nature. Book Review.

  1. A fantastic review, with tips on how to best cultivate the positive vibe and feel good factor to help put a spring in your step from this collection of nature inspired poetry by Caroline Cunningham.


    1. Exactly! Nature is wonderful. Sea, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains. Moon watching, star gazing, sun and rain! All of it is therapy I think. 😊Thanks for reading!


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