“Angelic Thinking” by Andrew Marmion – Book Review.


‘Angelic Thinking’ is a fantastic little book written by Angel Healer, Andrew Marmion. Andrew shares with his readers some very personal information about his life. He tells how he spent years living every day in mental agony because he was destructively attached to his emotional past.
By practicing the Mental Cleansing and Refurbishment Exercise, which is the main content of this book, and because of his friendship and guidance from the angels, he changed from being a victim to being a healthy self-loving positive person.

Angelic Thinking Book Cover

Andrew partly founded his book ‘Angelic Thinking’, on the principles of neuroscience, which he studied as a psychiatric nurse. But the spiritual angelic aspect of the book is what makes it special and meaningful to the readers. Do you believe in angels? Do you think that they might care about your thoughts and your feelings? Have you ever asked and prayed to your guardian angel for help?

So How Can This Book Help You?

In this book, Andrew tells you how the angels can help you to identify and eliminate negative and destructive thought patterns from your mind – all you have to do is ask! Whether your negative emotions are affecting you very little or quite a lot, you can learn how to work through them and be confident that you are capable of living a healthier emotional existence.

The method of thought pattern healing that Andrew teaches you, can change your life for the better. He shows you how to connect with the angels, allowing them to help you to focus on changing your negative thoughts. Doing so can help you to thrive and adapt a healthy loving attitude towards yourself and life itself.

Andrew explains in a very easy to understand way, how negative thoughts build up in our brains over a period of time and how we can easily replace them with healthier positive ones. This technique is one that Andrew has been using himself to banish negativity from his mind.

He is very honest about the fact that just like everything else, it takes work and perseverance to get results. But once the decision is made to identify and address your unwanted and toxic thoughts, half the battle is won!

What I like most about Angelic Thinking.

My favourite thing about this book is that it suggests the practical exercise of reflecting and taking note of certain things/events. This type of exercise really works for me and makes me view the book as yet another personal development tool in my box.

This is something I can refer to any time in the future. Times when negative events or people come into my life and I need a helping hand to keep my thoughts in tip top condition. I do believe the practice of positive thinking is something that needs to be worked at constantly, because it’s all too easy to let toxic thoughts build up in the mind. And Andrew’s method is a beautiful and effective way of doing so.

Would I Recommend This Book?

I would recommend this book to those of you who feel that your thought patterns are having a negative effect on your life – personal, professional or social. If you are generally a positive person, it’s a great personal development book to have on your shelf. Even the most cheerful and positive of us can experience times when our healthy frame of mind is challenged. 

Although the content is of a serious nature, Andrew’s style of writing gave me a feeling that he has a light-hearted and warm sense of humour. This is what made this book an enjoyable and easy read for me. Thank you Andrew!

You can buy your copy of ‘Angelic Thinking’ HERE.

If you’d like to read more about Andrew and connect with him, click HERE to find out more.

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