Moon Mná Journal for Women. Did You Get Yours Yet?

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year is this inspiring diary-journal that I received from my daughter who knew as soon as she seen it, that I’d love it. It’s similar to keeping a gratitude journal, but what I love most about this one, is its emphasis on the connection between the Irish ancient women and the moon.

An insight into the connection between women and the moon
Seanmháthair Gealach

It comes with a bookmark that unfolds to reveal the twelve months of the year with days, dates and the moon phases clearly illustrated. Every evening or at bedtime, you take note of the nightly moon phase and draw it onto the Moon Goddess, which is sketched on each date of the journal. Doing this will help inspire you to connect with the moon and become aware of how her different phases influence yours. Sit and reflect on your day and think about what you are grateful for. Lastly, read the nightly encouraging quote, inspiring proverb or affirmation and fall asleep with positive thoughts. 

Writing in a journal like this one, can give you the opportunity to take valuable time to connect with yourself and inspire you to follow your soul journey. At the beginning of each month, there’s a personal written piece, that shares words of wisdom from different inspirational women. Women supporting women – just as it should be!

An inspirational piece by Catherine Maguire in the month of January of the Moon Mná Journal.
An encouraging piece about new beginnings.

I love the idea that many women all over are also sitting with their Moon Mná journal, reflecting on the moon phase whilst thinking about their day and taking note of their soul moments. This for me sends out a warming sense of sisterhood!

Each month of this wonderful journal has a theme, with practical tips to help you follow the theme. January – New Beginnings, February – Spring clean, March – Balance and so on. 

New Beginnings is the theme for January in the Moon Mná Journal
The theme for January.

If you weren’t lucky enough to receive a Moon Mná Diary-Journal as a Christmas present, please just treat yourself to one. 

Where can you get it? On the Moon Mná Facebook Page HERE Click on the ‘Shop’ on the left-hand side of the page.

You can also buy it HERE on Cafe Time website. Or email your order and address to

Concept and text: Karen Ward, author of ‘Change a Little to Change a Lot’. Karen holds women’s circles called Moon Mná and also trains women to host their own locally and on-line. Email: or visit  

Design and production: Bernie Sexton, graphic designer based in Skerries, Co. Dublin. Bernie is a qualified holistic massage therapist and aromatherapist. She is a publisher of a local magazine called ‘Cafe Time’. Email: or visit

Patricia Lohan, Feng Shui Expert & Intuitive Energy Healer. "I never felt so light, free, invigorated, so alive...'
Patricia Lohan, Feng Shui Expert & Intuitive Energy Healer.



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