“Get Your Sh!t Together” – Book Review.

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‘Get Your Shit Together’ by Ruth Field, is a no-nonsense approach to sorting out all that stuff in your life that always has to get done in the end anyway. The crappy things that wreck your head and holds you back from doing all the things you WANT to do – the things you enjoy.

I was attracted to this book by the title and because it promised to show me how to get more things done in less time. I was having one of those muddled up weeks and nothing was getting done. The prescription for a simpler life is learning how to release your ‘inner bitch’ (apparently, we all have one) and become a fearless superwoman.

It urges you to take a good hard look at how you deal with life’s challenges and unexpected events. And just as importantly, the simple stuff that some of us turn into problems by not dealing with them early on. By her tough talking attitude, Ruth Field will have you shaking in your boots! If you have even a hint of laziness in your bones, she’ll shame you into getting off your butt and just doing whatever it is you whinge about never being able to do. She doesn’t listen to excuses folks, and it’s hard not to agree with a lot of what she writes! There are various little exercises throughout the book that can help you organise your time and get motivated. Don’t skip the very valuable exercise on page 148!

I do agree that in many cases, a firm and bossy tongue is all that’s needed to kick lazy people up the butt in order to motivate them. But will the bone idle even bother to read a book like this? There are so many other things that can cause people to be unorganised and lack motivation. But it’s all about the tough truth here with little room for compassion. Perhaps a little more empathy in some areas would have been nice as I don’t believe laziness is the root of all muddled lives.

Most of the advice and recommendations are based on the authors own experiences and she speaks honestly about how she has had to deal with her own GYST. I like the way she speaks the truth about herself because it leads the reader to believe that the advice is coming from someone who has had as many challenges to overcome as everyone else. There are also some accounts of real life experiences from other people that are easy to relate to.

The book is humorous! Serious stuff, yes, but you may need to have a diverse sense of humour in order to read it. If any part of the book doesn’t apply to you, skip and read on. If it does apply to you, be brave and admit it. You’ll be doing yourself a favour. WARNING; The word shit is used quite a lot throughout the book and might grate on your nerves just a bit!

I could easily relate to this book and I’m not easily offended by some words or home truths. I found it quite funny in certain parts and while reading it, I was mentally making a note of the people in my life that I think would really benefit from reading it too.

I would recommend this book because I do believe there is something of use in here for everyone. I think you would benefit from reading this book if you are any of the following:

  • Stuck in a rut that you feel you can’t get out of.
  • If you are in the habit of blaming everything around you, including people and circumstances for your present situation.
  • If you constantly think about the past – in a negative way.
  • If you are always extremely busy but never seem to get things done.
  • You procrastinate regularly.
  • You complain all the time about everything – especially your situation.
  • If you think the grass is greener on the other side.
  • You are unhappy in your job.

So waste no more time and grab your copy here !

Get Your Sh!t Together: Your Prescription for a Simpler Life (Grit Doctor)


I’m not sure if you would benefit from reading this book if you are any of the following:

  • Completely happy with every aspect of your life.
  • Don’t like hearing or admitting the truth about yourself.
  • If you believe that everything should be handed to you on a plate.

We have to work hard at everything in life and that includes being happy! None of it comes easy!
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