Soulful, Meaningful & Practical Connection.

It is through my sheer willingness to embrace and encompass all of my spiritual gifts.  This is proof of my commitment to my life’s journey as my soul directs.

It brings me great joy to be in a position to provide clients with my unique coaching style conversation that goes deeper, provides more insight and clarity and creates the space and the way for clients to move forward with greater ease.

But I am also conscious of our perception of science and spirituality. Therefore, I have invested time and energy to train in modalities, some of which are more scientific in nature, others more about healing and are spiritually inclined.

It is a significant part of my mission and purpose.  That of being the tangible link that is the holy triad of Body, Mind & Spirit.  I will compassionately work towards bridging that gap between science and spirituality.  I will be a prodigy of the new edge and the intuitive mapping and spiritual guided approach to life.

Suzy McCanny Photography
Suzy McCanny Photography

My name is Cathy Cavanagh and I live in county Sligo. I have a vast amount of life experience spanning 40 years.  But that is a book in itself for another time.  Here I will share with you key and significant events that were and to this day are key aspects and components that carry me, and motivate me to stay true to my authentic path and my journey.

In my younger years I would not have considered myself to be a highly spiritual person.  In recent times I look back on past instances, circumstances and situations and I realise and recognise just how my natural, instinctive and authentic spiritual gifts were actually quite apparent. I always possessed this sense of ‘knowing’, even at the early age of 6.  As a young child I was wiser beyond my years.  Now, what I recognise as being the qualities of an ‘Old Soul’.

During my 16th year, I was diagnosed as suffering from depression.  I recall at the time the actual sense of relief upon hearing the diagnosis.  In truth, this had been present and prevalent in my life for a period of 2 years prior to the diagnosis. What I had to experience thereafter for a period of time as a form of therapy and treatment, has brought me to where I am now and why I do what I do – in the way I do it.  It was my experience of spiritual healing during this time that was the catalyst for change and I have not looked back since.  But at this time, the one thing that I found was inhibiting my personal spiritual healing experience, was my lack of follow through.  In my case I had two sessions and that was it. But often times I would recall this experience and whilst it was my profound catalyst for healing, I felt there was something missing. It is only in recent times that I have discovered what that missing ingredient was.

The reason I considered that there was something missing from this experience, was due to the fact that I was furnished with very profound insight and information. I realise now that I was actually triggered from that day forth. For, as the proverbial saying goes; ‘what you don’t know, won’t bother you’.  But now I had a piece of information and it did bother me. It upset me and has never left my mind and in turn it has created more energy blocks for me.

There the story lies, until a later period in my life. In my mid 20’s, I did what many people do – I buried myself in my work to the point of becoming physically ill due to pure exhaustion.  My professional life and career development was what it was all about for me during those years. But as the higher powers would have it, I was thrown a curve ball. I was provided with the opportunity to stay in Dublin where I was living and working, and continue to pursue a career that was no longer my passion and no longer served me. I had been thrown a proverbial life line and it was up to me whether I chose to take a grasp of this line. To trust in my knowing that a new course and better direction was over the horizon waiting for my time, focus, attention, love and commitment.

With the unconditional love, support and encouragement of my dearly beloved granny in heaven, I took the life line that day. And on that very morning as I got dressed, I unconsciously chose to wear my granny’s pendant necklace. This was and still is so precious to me.  Words simply cannot explain. But again in hindsight, I realised my reason for wearing her chain that day.  She provided me with the inner strength and resolve necessary to make this very big decision in my life.  In the end it came down to simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Thankfully I found the strength within myself to say ‘no, this is not my path’.


It was later that very night that I met with a dear friend and she was able to provide me with the space that I needed to process all that had happened in such a short period of time.  It was at this very moment that the magic started to happen and my truth and my path started to unfold.  I remember telling my friend of how and what I had said that changed my course and direction.  As I uttered the same words that I had said earlier that day, I placed my hand to my chest, emphasising the important part my granny in spirit had played in my life that day and how choosing to wear her pendant allowed me to embody the experience.

My friend opened up and began to share with me information of a personal nature to me and my family. To make the long story short, my friend has the ability to see and hear the angels and those in spirit.  She had never shared anything about these experiences until this very moment. Why? Because she felt I might think she was mad.  Now to be honest, at that very time I couldn’t say that I did believe nor I didn’t believe. But I was open to what she had shared. Skip forward a few short months and one day as it was supposed to happen, I came across an article about ‘automatic writing’ or ‘spirit writing’.  I was curious but most importantly respectful. This in truth was the day my own true spiritual journey began and where it has taken me since then and thus far is utterly remarkable! That was 15 years ago.  I have been on my own journey of spiritual awakening, discovery and development ever since that time. What is obvious to me now is that, I was not paying heed to my own soul’s guidance. From a career perspective, life threw me another curve ball and this time I did not have a choice to make. The management position in the company I worked for was made redundant. I can still to this day remember the actually feeling and sense of relief upon hearing this news.  I do appreciate it may sound like a strange reaction upon being told of the loss of ones job, but it was a blessing in disguise for me.  My decision was made for me.  I was ready to invest in my life – going forward into healing and alternative therapies.  I had found my true path and was ready to embrace and embark on my journey.


And that’s just what I have been doing! Developing my spiritual self and all aspects of wellness & wellbeing, developing my gifts & my abilities and training in various modalities along the way.  My first port of call on my journey of learning and expansion was a course in Psychic and Spiritual Development in The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, London – a college and learning institute world renowned for Psychic and Spiritual Development.  It was during my time spent in training and development there that a new gateway was shown to me and one which I embraced and came to accept and acknowledge at this time.  I had now come to learn of my gift of psychic perception and mediumship.

I continued to develop both my writing and my mediumship but as hard as I tried I still knew in my knowing that there was something missing.  There was something more that I was called upon to do. Something more I was to be and to share with others. Here I reached a milestone. I came to realise that I could facilitate profound healing experiences and awareness building opportunities, through conversation with individuals. It was at this point I knew ‘in my knowing’ that this was my path of truth. It was to be the greatest part of my purpose and my mission. Since this time, I’ve been providing coaching style healing conversations (sessions) for individuals – predominantly via skype or over the phone and also in person when necessary.  I have the ability to read the souls information, guidance and direction through conversation.  It is a very deep and profound experience but for the right person it is pure joy and empowerment.  I often refer to what I do and how I do it as ‘I am having real conversations with real people’.  It’s all about empowerment during my facilitated session. I do not read for people. I read people and provide them with, in that moment, the necessary information that is being provided by their soul and I give it back to the person in real or more practical everyday life and living terms. For that is what it is all about in terms of each and every one of our individual journeys as we progress.  It is always about trust, truth, openness, honestly, compassion, non-judgement, holding that space for my client as they need me to do.

As I work with individuals on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual and energetic, I study in the space of holistic and alternative approach to life.  I am certified in the following therapies:

  • Life Coach
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Access Bars Practitioner
  • Energy EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Energy Cone Practitioner
  • Emo Trance Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • IET Practitioner (Integrated Energy Therapy)

Most recently and currently I have embarked on my journey towards becoming an Emmett Technique Practitioner. I have recently completed my introductory course and modules 1 & 2 of Emmett Technique Practitioner Training.  The nature of my work enables me to facilitate clients, one-on-one all over the globe, via skype.  When I am working with a client via skype in a coaching model, our conversation is a significant and necessary part of the process. But if and where necessary, I will share self-healing tools and techniques, that each individual can continue to use on a daily basis as they move forward on their journey.

Over 2 years ago I was approached and invited to become a host of my own live radio show. After careful consideration, I accepted this invitation. The show takes place bi-monthly each subsequent Tuesday @7pmGMT and can be listened to live, in over 200 countries globally. It has been a marvellous learning opportunity and it took me completely unaware at the time and also took me out of my comfort zone. I just don’t think about it, I simply do it.

Everything that I teach a client, I have tried and experienced myself personally. A very simple example would be my application of an aspect of Energy EFT.  Whereby I would use it very simply in an instance to create a sense and bring about a state of calm and peace – what I refer to as de-stressing. It is from this more relaxed and calmer state that all decisions can and should be made. I also work where applicable with individuals sensing and feeling energy in their own bodies. I find this exercise most interesting and curious. Why? Because when asked to place their hand on a part of their body where they feel energy at that moment, 9 out of 10 times, where they place their hand is not on the same place where they would have previously told me they felt the energy. From there we partake on the energetic aspect of the journey for the individual.


This was the missing element that I spoke of earlier. The energetic body and that aspect when working with and treating in a holistic way. The individual with whom I am part of the healing team.  For when two come together the healing team is formed.

Case Study One

There is one lady I facilitated for that comes to mind often, for she encompassed all aspects of her own personal journey of healing. Where healing was required on all levels and during which time throughout our coaching conversations, the healing requirements of a generational family aspect came to light at the right and necessary time. One thing I always say is, ‘When a person is partaking on their healing journey they cannot have but cause and effect on those others closest and around them’.  This certainly rang true for this lady, as during our time spent in coaching her little girl, who was sick every two weeks, now found herself in a situation where she has not been sick for a period of 6 months. Healing issues came to light for her husband and gave her greater insight and clarity and understanding.  That medium aspect of me shone thrown at certain points and beautiful messages from loves ones in spirit were shared.  But I save the very best until last. This lady so wanted to have another child. She had tried IVF and had been unsuccessful. She was on the second round at this point. She was down to the very last chance and she just wanted it to happen sooner rather than later. But I guided and shared as I perceived. And just as I had perceived, was how it all turned out. It was all for her greater and highest good and all about the right timing for her. I received a text from her one evening asking if I would be free later if she called.  So we arranged a time to talk. She told me that only I could understand what she was about to share with me. We had worked together as part of the healing team and she had done her work on herself in her own time.  She had brought her own body to her place of healing.  So the miracle she shared with me was that when she was having her scan she was told that at that medically they could not see any reason why she could not conceive naturally. I said to this lady at the time, “You are your own healer”.  There was a lot of specific and tailored energetic work involved, but it was so very much worth the time and effort. And it was worth the faith and belief in one’s own ability to heal.  I always gave the empowering statement that she would/could choose whether she conceive naturally or via IVF. Free will and free choice always applies. She made the choice to go via IVF and is now the proud and happy mother to two very beautiful children.

Case Study Two

Another beautiful story that is always close by and in my mind is that of a dear lady whom had Alzheimer’s and at a later stage she was diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer was stage 4 and I would have perceived a time frame at this point. As it was to be for this lady, the timing I perceived was the timing of her passing to spirit. But during her last few weeks on earth, I was able to offer my services via distant healing. Because she was unable to communicate her wishes, desires, her wants and needs, I was able to share this information with her sister. the details of music, song, flowers, and the outfit she wanted to be dressed in when she was laid to rest.  I was able to guide as to the little things that would comfort her when she was unable to speak for herself.  I instinctively knew at precise times.  The exact time she most needed distant healing sent for her and to her.  It truly was an experience that I will never forget and one that has etched a mark on my heart that will remain there for all the days of my life.


It would be my considered opinion that some of the most important qualities you as a therapist can possess, are those of being a good listener, empathic, compassionate, non-judgemental, kind, caring, again knowing when and how to hold that space for your client.  Also being able to perceive energy on initially meeting and greeting your client is an important quality and attribute of a successful therapist.  As a healer and combined therapist I would that you do what feels right to you.  Therefore, as a therapist work from your place of integrity.  As a therapist the treatment you use is one which you have received yourself and one which you use to promote your own well-being and wellness and for maintenance.  Never allow your ego to be part of your journey.  You give of your best and serve your client whilst they are with you.  You are not responsible for your client after this time.  Always place value on your energy and time.  You have to set healthy boundaries for yourself as a therapist and believe in yourself.  One can be graceful, professional, compassionate, kind in all your dealing.  For it is not just what happens inside of the treatment room that counts.  But how you and who you are in person in everyday life that matters equally as much.

I am professional, friendly, approachable, kind, compassionate, and non-judgemental.  I am very private person by nature but can be quite extroverted when it comes to topics and areas of interest to me.  When I speak I continuously find I am being told that people could just sit and listen to me for hours.  I feel it is time.  There is another branch on the road appearing.  One which I must choose to walk further on and experience more.  There is so very much I have to offer others.

Suzy McCanny Photography
Suzy McCanny Photography

Cathy, thank you so very much for sharing your amazing story with us. The more times I read it, the more fascinated I am by you. I think you have indeed got so much to offer us and I hope you continue to follow, what really does seem to be, your true path in life. Fantastic story!

You can visit Cathy’s website HERE and if you’d like to follow her on Facebook click HERE. You may also like to contact Cathy directly for more information on 087 8093783.

Thank you all for reading and please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment box. 

Images: Suzy McCanny Photography and Pixabay

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