Right, so how exactly does one get one’s shit together? That’s what I’m in the process of finding out. Read on! 

Working from home takes a lot of ‘Getting Your Shit Togetherness’. I’m sure many people who work from home will agree with me there! I have days where I feel stuck but at the same time I’m running around in circles. I have so many small projects going on at the same time that when I wake up some mornings, I can’t decide which one I should tackle first. Which do I think is the most important? Then I end up procrastinating and mismanaging my time. I check my FB and Twitter and emails and messages…..and get caught up in the internet.


Doing a Whole Lot of Nothing

“Oh yeah, I must check out that new FB group and see should I join it. Oh look at that interesting article that @shemusthave has tweeted about….let’s have a little read and see will it motivate me into filling out those important forms or edit some more of that handbook I started during NanoWriMo2015. Oh God, is that the time? The child will soon be home from school and we have 5 pints of crab apple jelly to pot……I better go out and buy the sugar”. 

The last day I started making some apple jelly (a few weeks ago) I realised I had no jars! All I could salvage from my fridge was an empty beetroot jar and a near empty marmalade jar. I had to run to town – yes I did run – to buy jars! All because I wasn’t organised. I couldn’t get my shit together you see! It got done in the end however! 


Motivation Please

Things like this happen to me every now and again. Sometimes I am so motivated, I could move mountains and other days I’m so busy being unproductive, that I don’t even have time to sit down. And all that shit that I can’t get together is churning around in my head like a bag of frogs!

There is one thing that does keep me motivated and organised though. Motivational and self-help books. But there is a problem I have there too…….I don’t always finish them or if I do, it takes me months. Why is this? Because usually they’re so damn good at kicking my butt into gear, that I get so busy doing all the stuff I need to get done and so the book gets put to one side. I’m in overdrive and the weekend comes and I’m knackered! Monday morning arrives and I start running around like a headless chicken again.

“Oh yeah, I must read some of that book I’m in the middle of. I’ll go for a walk first. Or will I do some yoga? Oh yeah, I meant to look up that yoga blog and check out the poses recommended for laziness. I’ll do that now! Then I suppose I better do a bit of shopping or I’ll have to do it on the way home from school, which means Miss 5 yr old will have to come and she’ll slow me down – and I don’t have time today for hold-ups. Much too busy for that! Now where would I find a pen and paper so I can write out a shopping list?”.

End of day…….Zero work accomplished!



Well, I think I might have found the answer. I got this amazing book called GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER by Ruth Field. She is also the author of Run Fat Bitch Run.


Written For Me

As soon as I read the title GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, I said to myself, “I need to know how to get mine together. I NEED this book”. Oh man, I have an inner bitch? Well, I know I used to have one but I’ve spent years trying to lose her and I thought I had succeeded but apparently not! She’s still lingering around in there. Waiting her chance to whip my ass. Only 7 pages into this book folks, I could hear her talking to me. And then I realised that she was never going to go away. I never got rid of her and I probably never will. What I do is keep a tight reign on her, that’s all. I only let her out when I need her.

Sure isn’t she the one who speaks for me when I’m lecturing my children and grandchildren about how to behave, the importance of being nice and get that homework done. AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM! ? That’s her! You see, I keep telling my kids when I’m having a bad day, “I’m not myself today.”


Last weekend I made a promise to myself to spend a minimum of half an hour each day reading a motivational book. And I promised to finish it, even if I feel it has worked it’s magic on me half way through! And just to add another project to my list of projects, I intend to blog about each book by the end of the week. My kindle is loaded with books that I have yet to read and some I have yet to finish. I will give you my honest review on the book and how I think you might benefit from reading it!

No Internet? 

I also promised myself that I won’t turn on my internet until mid-day. (We’ll see how that goes) ? 
So chat later. I have so much shit to get together today! But I really do need to buy the sugar first!


I read the book and here’s what I thought if it!

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