The Mother of all Meditations.

How many times have you tried meditation? Are you getting better at it? Or do you feel like you will never get the hang of it? Are you easily distracted while meditating?

Maybe your mind constantly wanders into yesterday or tomorrow no matter how many times the voice tells you to, ‘Bring your mind gently back if you feel it wandering.’


I think most of us have concluded that meditation is a deeply relaxing exercise that promotes a healthy mind. It calms down our churning thoughts, giving our brain a chance to rest.

But meditation doesn’t come easy to everyone, especially beginners. Well, listen up all you beginners and over-active thinkers…….. I have discovered the mother of all meditations! Sound Meditation Baths. No, it has nothing to do with having a bubbly bath with soft music playing in the background – much better than that. Oh yes!

I first heard about Sound Meditation Baths at a yoga class one evening and I was very curious and excited to know more about it. A couple of my yoga buddies had been to some of Michelle Harton’s sound bath sessions and they absolutely loved it.

I contacted Michele for more information and a session was organised in Cormeen Sports Complex for April. I was soooo looking forward to it.

I arrived in Cormeen at the same time as my friend Roisin. We were like excited little beaver scouts going on our first slumber party, carrying our sleeping bags and blankets. Any therapy that requires participants to bring sleeping bags and cosy blankets has my attention immediately by the way! 

Michelle was well organised and all set up ready to get started so there no time to waste hanging around yapping. Once people registered and got comfortable in their bags and blankets, Michelle briefly explained what we would be doing for the next hour or so. Well, we would actually be doing nothing – she would be doing all the work. Bliss!

Michelle began by gently talking us into a relaxed state and I must say, she has the most hypnotic voice. This girls oozes calm! As we went deeper into relaxation the soft yet invigorating sounds of rattles began sending chills right through my whole body. 

Rattles are used in various types of energy healing practices, to get energy moving in the body and sometimes to remove stagnant energy. 


Bells began to chime and they transported me to a place where my imagination took on a life of it’s own.

I became a tiny little person inside my own head. Usually a place of mayhem and chaos, it was now a wide open empty space filled with peace and tranquility, where I danced around like a small child.

The soft jingling bells called upon some folk from a land I only ever dream about. I was no longer alone in my empty head as I was joined by several little fairies, dressed in sparkly pale pink frocks that curled around their elegant little bodies.

They laughed gleefully, showing off as they somersaulted around and above me, glittering and twinkling in the dim light. I had nothing to do but listen to the music and dance hand in hand with these wonderful happy little beings.


The music of the bells subsided, as one by one the harmonious sounds of the various different instruments filled the room. Each sound with their own unique vibration.

The one that dominated all the others was most definitely the Gong. I was no longer dancing with fairies as this ancient sacred instrument echoed through every cell in my body. My solar plexus thumped with the vibrations of this very powerful instrument. I had flashing images of King Kong coming to take me to his hidden land across that big wall that imprisons him! (I love King Kong by the way.) 

Each of my chakras buzzed with energy. Every part of me tingled. What a fabulous and exciting instrument this is!



The shruti box was another very interesting instrument. I found myself breathing in harmony to the music of this strange little box. I’m tempted to take Michelle and all her fabulous instruments to my next dental visit!  

The harmonies of each sound had a profound effect on all aspects of my body. Physically I was so relaxed and heavy that I couldn’t and didn’t want to move. It felt like I was floating and my body was nothing more than a vessel that I has little use for at that moment in time.

Mentally, I was in a place where there was peace, calm and playful imagination. My mind didn’t wander into tomorrow or yesterday. The musical sounds had me in a trance for a full hour and everything else was a million miles away.

This for me was unlike any other meditation I had ever experienced. It was magical. The days following, I felt very motivated to do something but I wasn’t quite sure what that something was.

I know I felt excitement and enthusiasm for new-found interests but also for things that I once felt passionate about. Things that I lost along the way but had recently noticed were beginning to resurface.

So how does sound like this affect us? The law of physics tells us that everything has a unique vibration of it’s very own. Including all living beings. All physical, emotional, spiritual and mental parts of our being have their own unique natural vibration.

Each part vibrates at a different frequency, which responds to the frequencies of tuning pipes, gongs, chimes, bells, rattles and other sound therapy instruments that I have yet to discover.

As we begin to relax, we enter the Alpha state of mind (relaxation, imagination and creativity). When we relax deeper we enter the theta state of mind (deep meditation, intuition and learning). When theta brainwaves are present, we are in an ideal state for healing to take place. 

I’m so looking forward to the next sound bath session with Michelle in Cormeen. Who knows where the music of the bells and chimes will lure me the next time? 


Would you like to experience an hour of uninterrupted special time listening to the captivating music of these very beautiful and sacred instruments? Sheer bliss and total relaxation will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!

Pop over to Michelle’s website HERE for more info and a list of up-coming dates and venues.

Where does sound meditation take you? We’d love to hear about your adventures.

Images; Pixabay

26 thoughts on “The Mother of all Meditations.

  1. This is very interesting yet it does not sound like any meditation I have done. I think I would find this hard to relax to. I would have to work hard on being mindful as to where I was! Have a great social Saturday ?


  2. Meditation is so amazing if you can get yourself into that place! My Pops does a lot of meditation and encourages us to be proactive with it too!


      1. Bless him Gloria he is amazing! He became a Yoga teacher after retiring, and practices reiki as well as helping clients with pressure point treatments too! All at the tender age of 71!
        After his heart attack 12 years ago, he has considered himself reborn, and really embraced alternative therapies, and spiritualism to live a beautifully peaceful life!
        All he does now is voluntary and it gives him peace that he his giving something back to the world!


      2. Wow! That’s amazing! I love to see things like this. Life can be so difficult sometimes and when we can find peace and happiness from the simple things in life, it is truly wonderful. My dad is 81 and although he’s not into alternative therapies , he has always encouraged love and laughter & looking on the bright side! And that in itself is therapy x


  3. I did something like this once. It was a sort of drum circle meditation. The music, vibration, humming, chanting, really did help me focus. It was a great experience.


  4. It’s difficult for me to achieve a meditative state with music on in the background. I have younger kids and so a subtle quiet like that actually makes me more anxious as I tend to wonder what they might have gotten into even if I know they are away. But I love how this has worked for you.


  5. I feel like I should be good at meditation. I lived in Japan and sat down to meditate at Buddhist temples quite a few times. BUT I am just rubbish at it. I need to try again!


  6. You are blessed to have experienced this. The spiritual community where I work has a Sacred Sound Ministry that does this type of meditation for us often. I agree, it is one of the deepest meditative experiences. There is also an organization called ISTA – International Sound Therapy Association – uses this same practice in healing therapies with great success. I hope you get to experience more sacred sound!


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