Homeopathy for SAD.

In a follow-up to my last post ‘You can be Happy When you Have SAD‘ Noirín Carr McGarrigle very kindly took time to share her recommendations for treating SAD with homeopathy.

Treating someone homeopathically with SAD means finding a remedy that matches the whole person. As a homeopathic practitioner I will identify personal symptoms, personalities, etc and match them to a remedy which will best stimulate the body’s own natural healing response.

To explain further, a patient with SAD symptoms who is normally relaxed, funny, enthusiastic and bubbly will need a different remedy than someone who is strong headed, serious, and industrious. There are many remedies for people who suffer from SAD including: 

Rhus-toxicodendrum – this is a remedy that has a main characteristic of all symptoms being aggravated by cold temperatures and wet, foggy weather, and ameliorated by warmth.

Aurum Metallicum – This remedy is metallic gold, associated with the sun – bright, shining, high in the sky, pure and warm. In wintertime, people who may benefit from this remedy may find themselves at the opposite end of this spectrum, feeling dark, sometimes deeply depressed, and as if they are unable to achieve the high expectations they have of themselves. This is a classic remedy for many of the symptoms associated with Seasonal aAffective Disorder

Nux-vomica – People who can be helped constitutionally by Nux-v are chilly in general and aggravated by drafts or cold air blowing. They don’t mind wet weather, but do need to get warm, which helps them feel better. They are intense people, often workaholics, who are ambitious, competitive, fastidious, and like to be the boss

While you may recognise aspects of yourself in any of these remedies it is usually necessary to work with a homeopath to find the specific remedy that will truly make a difference to you.

Thank you very much Noirín for sharing this information with We Are Holistic. Although I’ve never been drawn to studying homeopathy professionally, I do have a fundamental interest in the concept of this therapy. And definitely one that takes the mind, body and spirit into account

About Noirín

I met Noirín a few months ago when I was at a holistic fair in Ballina Co. Mayo. She had a stand at the fair promoting her homeopathic practice. I sat with her for some time while she explained how this increasingly popular therapy may help people who suffer from many different conditions and ailments. Noirín didn’t make any false claims or unrealistic promises, but briefly explained to me what is involved in her consultations.

I visited Noirín at her practice several weeks later and I was very impressed with the calming energy and welcoming atmosphere in her room. After a long talk with her, I have to say that it was the most holistic consultation I had ever experienced. All aspects were covered with the comfort of not feeling under any obligation to discuss issues that may be sensitive.

Another good reason for therapists to take part in holistic fairs – people like to meet and chat with their potential therapist. I will be visiting Noirín again before the end of the year.

Noirín moved from Dublin to the west of Ireland more than twenty years ago to rear her family in the peaceful surroundings of Westport. Her journey with homeopathy began when she met with a homeopath and witnessed first-hand the healing properties of these remedies. Noirín was inspired by this lady’s sensible and holistic approach to health and well-being and she made the decision to develop her skills as a healer by studying homeopathy in the School of Homeopathy in Devon, England – a highly commendable school of homeopathic training. Noirín graduated some years later as a professional classical homeopath. Noirín also studied in NUI Galway and NUI Maynooth where she obtained an honours degree in psychology and a diploma in counselling.

Noirín runs her successful practice in Westport, Co. Mayo, treating a wide variety of conditions for not only adults and children, but also from time to time, their pets and farm animals.

You can connect with Noirín here on her Facebook page.

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